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Bump! Guides for your iPhone, iTouch and BlackBerry

Don't just watch Bump! Experince it.





There’s never been a better time for gay and lesbian travelers to explore the world. You’ve just watched the Miami, Rio de Janeiro or Barcelona episode of Bump!
Go experience it for yourself!


Our multi-media travel guides will provide you with enough listings, reviews, photographs and video clips of hotels, restaurants, attractions, clubs and tubs to help you quickly and effectively enjoy your holiday or business trip.

* Only Gay and Gay-Friendly Listings
* Not everything, just the best
* Listings for every budget
* Works without 3G or WIFI (avoid expensive roaming charges)
* Listings updated yearly
* Reasonably Priced!


What are you waiting for? The following guides are available for download right now:

Amsterdam ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Barcelona ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Berlin ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Buenos Aires ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Miami ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Montreal ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Mykonos ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Paris ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Puerto Vallarta ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Rio de Janeiro ~ iTunes BlackBerry

Sydney ~ iTunes BlackBerry

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